SRAM Guide R Front Brake (950mm Hose)

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

With the SRAM Guide R, you have the power. Proven 4-piston calipers give you smooth, one-finger control. Features like Reach Adjust let you dial it in just right.


-Weight: 390g

-Lever Material: Aluminum

-Caliper Design: 4-piston, dual diameter S4 caliper

-Rotor: Centerline

-Pad: Steel-backed Organic

-Fluid: DOT 5.1

-Mount: Ambidextrous

-Adjustment: Tool-free Reach Adjust, Banjo Adjust

-Special Features: Tool-free Reach Adjust, Piggyback Reservoir, MatchMaker X compatible, Bleeding Edge, Heat Shield

-Technology Highlights: DIrectLink, PURE Bladder, Timing Port Closure, Bleeding Edge, Heat Shield

-Material: Forged Aluminum

-Pad / Holder: Top-loading

-Intended Use: XC/TR/AM/FR

-System: Open

-Rotor Sizes: 160, 170, 180, 200mm

-Tool-Free Pad Replacement: Yes

-Bend Zone: Yes

-Ambidextrous: Yes

-Stainless Hardware: Yes

Other: Now featuring the World Championship-winning S4 caliper with Bleeding Edge and Heat Shield technologies.

This 4 piston powerhouse will give you super quick reaction times, but that does also come with a price; Pad wear! I had stock Pads with my Trek Remedy 9.7 2019 bike and that was purchased last September. As i was taking apart a few things on my bike for the regular maintenance that i do i discovered that my

pads where completely bald but still very much working ( no damage to rotors ). In 3 months ( quite a bit of useage) my pads where completely bald, now im not sure of the brand of the stock pads but im just going to put it under the assumption that there were not of any value, which is quite the shame as the bike wasn't cheap.

Average retail price comes in at £120.00 from most major retailers.

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