MR Ron Burgundy - Trek Remedy 9.7 2019 Review

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

So after having my first bike stolen from the train station ( Boardman Team FS 27.5 / 17.5 ) & months without owning one, I finally came to the conclusion with a friend of mine that due to the low geometry and aggressive handling that this beauty was the best purchase! Valued at £3,200 , it is a tad bit out of people price range , but that doesnt mean its not worth every single bloody penny and more! That isn’t just my opinion; MTB MAG, Bike Magazine, The Loam Wolf and many many other have compared this bike to one of the greats of 2018!

The Loam wolf said: “ Overnight, the Remedy has become our new favorite test bike in the SoCal quiver. While the changes for 2019 might be subtle, they are definite improvements on an already stellar bike. We always like less moving parts, especially when it comes with no penalty. The elimination of Full Floater was ultimately a wise move on Trek’s part, and allows for an increase in frame stiffness and a wide variety of tire fitments. “

They even review it themselves:

RE:aktiv brings Formula 1 technology to mountain bike suspension with 150mm rear travel

Don’t confuse the Remedy 9.7 with other value carbon models on the market — this bike provides an outstanding frame and suspension, with a workhorse drivetrain and wheels!

RE:aktiv’s intuitiveness is a product of its regressive damping system. Proven in the demanding crucible of F1 circuits, regressive damping is dynamic and versatile.

Most mountain bike suspension systems employ progressive or digressive damping, which simply do not respond as efficiently to a variety of obstacles. Such systems also have a difficult time transitioning from the active, support and control suspension action required in corners to the pedalling efficiency necessary to regain speed on straightaways or less technical sections of trail.

But fear not, there will always be issue due to rider opinions and views and i do have one massive pet hate, and thats the SRAM XG-1230 Eagle, 11–50, 12-speed !! Don’t get me wrong this cassette very much does the job, but i just dont think the MTB world is ready for 12 speed, there is just way too much maintenance involved and so so much more that can go wrong!

Since i bought this bike in August 2018 its had a serious amount of usage, but that also means it has had a few crashes… some real bad ones! This bike is built like a tank and only has a few scratches but it has developed a slight gear changing problem, it either skips or will not change gear unless i double shift up! Guess it is time for a new chain and some re alignment.

I was actually blown away at how stiff the new Remedy is though. I noticed it in the first few turns, so numbers aside, there is a marked, perceptible improvement there, likely in part due to the fixed lower shock mount and beefed up chainstays. It is also partially because of the fact that the bike now features carbon fiber wheels, as opposed to the aluminum wheels on last year’s model.

Anyhow, my main praise for Trek’s ABP platform, at least in the way that they tune it, is how compliant it is. In my opinion, more so than interrupted chainstay bikes (read: Horst Link), ABP bikes smash through mid-sized chunder a bit better, holding their speed more comfortably. ABP is also neutral under braking, when you need traction the most — thanks to the pivot that’s concentric to the rear axle. In terms of geometry, the balanced numbers lend themselves to confident positioning on the steeps and in the corners, without requiring too much muscle to maintain speed on less than thrilling sections of trail.

Even though this is only my 2nd bike purchase, i definitely wouldn’t buy anything else & highly recommend!

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