"30 seconds with" Rob welch

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Universally known for for defying the odds with the world's first 900 on a Dirt jump bike back in october 2013, Rob Welch is now taking things to an entire new level with his MTB Specials! 1 month ago "All in" created by 'Live to ride' was made and it blew our minds. 6 months of blood sweat and tears is what it took for Rob to show the world just how special he really is!

Instagram: STOKED post alert 2 🚨 Over the years I have been given Chromag parts for free, I’ve purchased them at cost price, and last year I set up both my bikes with Chromag at a cost way above RRP just to get hold of them from Canada. I really do swear by the ethos of this brand and the frames/ parts they make. Hence, to now have the support of Chromag direct, I couldn’t be any more stoked. I’d like to personally thank Ian @chromagbikes for the opportunity 🤟🏻

Back in 2013, after years of pushing himself to his limits, Rob's riding was really taking a toll on his body and eventually the worst happened. He was diagnosed with Degeneration of the Patella which is essentially Arthritis in both of his knees.

instagram: Keen for some more bike park laps on the rig 😋 📷 @_life_in_raw_ | @chromagbikes | @creationcycles | @fibraxuk | @slikgraphics | @crankbrothers | @simplyinsure | @transitionbikesuk | @hopetech | @peatysproducts

Rob: "To be told your knee injuries will stop you from riding is never what a rider wants to hear. More so, if you're anything like I am, then it isn't an option. I remember going for a session at Terminal 1 skatepark a couple months after my operation and just gritting my teeth and getting on with it. The next day when I woke up, I had to slide down the stairs sat down. Clearly, something had to give. Whilst physically, I could have simply put up with the pain, mentally it didn't add up for me. I'm an all or nothing type of person and not being able to ride to my full potential simply wasn't an option. After years of personally keeping up to date with Rob, the opportunity finally presented itself to me to get some valuable questions in for the future! "

Instagram: Laps in the Nog this weekend 👀😻 📷 @_life_in_raw_ • @peatysproducts |@chromagbikes | @crankbrothers | @simplyinsure | @creationcycles | @hopetech |


DHD: What was the moment that you realised just how serious you were about the sport?

Rob: " I’ve never taken myself or what I do too serious... it started of as fun and it still is - i plan on keeping it that way. Perhaps my determination is suggestive of a serious approach, but in reality anything I do I give 100% and my riding is a product of that mentality "

DHD: How did you manage to laugh and smile through everything you went through in 2013?

Rob: " I didn’t... haha. They were some really tough times for me, but i quickly turned my focus to building trails, which I believe played a big part in mentally getting over the Injuries."

DHD: If you could say one thing to Tiny Welch, as he first out his foot on the pedal, what would you piece of advice be?

Rob: " Advice... not much. Any mistake I have ever made put me on the path I’m currently on... and I like where I’m at. Besides, Tiny Welch didn’t listen to advice, he learnt everything the hard way haha. "

DHD: What have your fans got to look forward to in 2019, any racing or New filming locations?

Rob: " More video projects are in the pipeline! Nah no racing planned. Not sure on filming locations, probably some new spots! "


We would like to thank Rob for the interview. Someone who has inspired us throughout his riding career with his commitment, drive & skill! We hope that your passion never ends and you Keep on Shredding!

Live To Ride - Behind The Tricks of Going "All In"

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