"30 seconds with" MARK MATTHEWS

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Can a hardtail be as fun on a hardcore trail as a full-susser? Mark Matthews rides his Marin San Quentin and proves a point!

PNW COMPONENTS: "Mark Matthews is not your traditional pro mountain biker. He's carved out a unique place in the bike industry, pairing his skills on two wheels with jaw dropping shots of big mountain adventures. Building a career around what he loves to do thanks to hard work and creativity is one of the many reasons why we are stoked to partner with him in 2019… not to mention, he’s a badass rider. We chatted with Mark about how his entrepreneurial spirit shaped his path, what got him to where he is now and navigating through the bike industry as a sponsored rider".


INSTAGRAM: The best feeling ✊. Higher times out there with @jordielunn and crew. #funisthebest @fultron 📷 @marinbikes @srsuntour_inc @xsnation @kavu @pnwcomponents @weareonecomposites

DHD: Growing up in Vancouver must have had a beneficial effect on your career. What was the scene like, growing up?

Mark: "I grew up on Vancouver Island (a 2 hour ferry ride away from Vancouver) and the scene was much different than the mainland. We have smaller mountains but it's more laid back vibes. I started off riding dirt jumps on a bmx and the scene was pretty cool. I had a tight group of friends and we would just ride our bikes all over the place and session random stuff, dig jumps, and try to copy all the moves from the videos we saw. Around this time the New World Disorder series was happening and mountain biking was getting more popular in my school. I eventually switched to mountain bikes and it opened up even more riding opportunities".

DHD: For 2019, do you have any major projects in the pipeline that you can disclose to us, as your content in previous years has stunned Instagram? Mark: "For sure! Riding for Marin is amazing because they give me 100% creative freedom and I will be doing my biggest projects with them. They have not said no to any of my ideas yet haha. My first big project for them this year will be in April when I go to Israel to partner with Geerz.org and explore some of the amazing riding over there".

DHD: As a globally recognised rider, what would be your advice to young riders wanting to pursue their passion professionally?

Mark: "Ride everyday, have as much fun as possible, and bring as much value to those who support you as possible. Fill a need and treat it like a 24/7 job".

DHD: For any type of riding, what's the one piece of kit you never leave the house without? Mark: " I always make sure to grab my GoPro incase I decide to film part of the ride. Usually the best moments aren't planned and it's awesome to always capture them".

We would like to thank Mark for the interview. Someone who has inspired us and many others throughout his riding career with his commitment, drive & his incredible networking skills! We hope that your passion never ends and you Keep on Shredding!

Marin Bikes: A HARD Tail

Mark is also stoked to announce PNW COMPONENTS just came out with a new dropper post called the Bachelor

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