2019 - Our Year For The Taking

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Over the past few months, the Downhill Dreams Journey has picked up pace and the guys and I have seen things grow and grow. From new additions to the team, to a radical change in plans and direction we've had a lot of thinking to do towards the end of the year and we are now looking forwards to what is yet to come.

With the MTB market saturated with online content, products and manufactures the DHDreams branding has been at the forefront of most team discussions, everyone keen to ensure that we are able to create something fresh and original.

The ethos behind our brand has always been one of positivity and community. DHDreams is about the dream. The dream of the descent, the speed, the drops, the ruts and the berms. The feeling of hitting a jump with your mates in a train and fist bumping like madmen when you all throw your bikes to the ground at the bottom.

Our trueness to this concept has remained at the root of every action we take; from being encouraging and helpful to younger riders (and reattaching their brake caliper trailside!), to building maintaining and litter-picking local trails.

We support other small bike companies, riders' social media and offer a platform to positive community initiatives. This isn't about sucking up to big brands, or trying to get promoted posts.. This is about backing the next big thing before it's even started.

We're hungry for our piece of the MTB pie. We're on our way, we're bringing everyone who wants to come with us, and we're here to stay.

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